Wieland Chase Brass Rod Ideal for Thread Rolling

Wieland Chase ECO BRASS® Meets Your Threading Needs

What Is Threading?

Threading is the process of applying external threads to the surface of brass rod or stock. While stainless steel and aluminum are options, brass rod and stock are superior choices for their corrosion resistance and machinability.

Brass Rod Superior for Manufacturing

Manufacturing cost control relies on being able to produce parts consistently, efficiently, and with less wear and tear on tools and machinery. Using a quality brass rod enables advanced manufacturing technology by giving machine tools the ability to run at faster speeds with minimal tool wear. This results in increased production and profitability as well as reduced costs on component and part labor.

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When choosing an alloy for machining, the ease and speed of cutting is a key factor. This also impacts the tools used in machining as well as the time and labor required for production. Many leaded and non-leaded brass alloys are ideal for single-point turning machining and can be run at higher speeds. The end result of high-speed machining brass alloys is increased efficiency in both cutting speed and feed rate.

Brass Rod Characteristics for Threading

For successful threading, it’s important the alloys have the ductility to roll form threads and the proper tooling and technique. For successful performance in an application, it’s important the alloys have the following characteristics: 

Wieland Chase ECO BRASS® lead-free alloys maximize machine and thread rolling efficiency by allowing high speed and feed rates. With its quality and consistency, Wieland Chase rod alloys help customers produce more components per machine hour by allowing them to operate their machines at higher speeds while maintaining tighter tolerances and fine finishes, as well as reducing machining downtime because of longer tool life.

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Wieland Chase is a leading brass manufacturer and supplier for brass alloys in North America. As of July 2019, Wieland Chase became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. More about the Wieland Group

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