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For the very best brass rod, ingot or American made Wieland Forgeworks, you’ve come to the right place. Wieland Chase is a dedicated brass supplier and manufacturer. We maintain our position of leadership in the brass rod industry by providing the highest quality brass product supply, building satisfying and lasting relationships with our customers, caring for our employees and our environment, and continually striving to improve brass standards.

Many brass manufacturers make high-quality claims, but at Wieland Chase we strive every day to be the very best brass supplier. Wieland Chase manufactures the best quality brass rod by holding tolerances to the tightest standard in the industry, and our brass rod is extruded to ensure the best quality brass for our customers. We are proud to be an industry leader, offering a large supply and selection of the highest quality, American made brass and bronze products to meet our customer’s requirements. We have the capabilities to fulfill bulk orders, and we use sophisticated inspection equipment and detailed testing procedures to reach our quality goals. The foundation that brings everything together is our people who know their jobs, offer innovation, and drive continuous improvement to provide our customer service that exceeds the highest expectations. Our people take pride in what they do and have helped Wieland Chase become the largest brass rod manufacturer in the U.S.

Material Certifications and SDS

Wieland Chase provides several forms of certifications at no charge.

In addition, the following custom certifications are available at a nominal charge. Please mention which brass rod certification is preferred at the time of your bulk, wholesale, or customized order placement. To access certification for a shipped item, please login to Customer Reports. 

  • Chemistry Statistics & Hardness
  • Chemistry Statistics, Hardness, & Tensile Properties
  • Mercurous Nitrate Test
  • Actual Chemistry & Mechanical
  • Actual Chemistry & Mercurous Nitrate Test
Cert Charge Cost Per Item
Cert Charge
(Cost Per Item)
Certs 80 (Chemistry Statistics Only) No Charge
Certs 81 (Chemistry Statistics & Hardness) $50.00
Certs 82 (Chemistry Statistics, Hardness & Tensile Properties) $100.00
Certs 83 (Mercurous Nitrate Test & Mechanical) $250.00
Certs 84 (Actual Chemistry & Mechanical) $200.00
Certs 85 (Actual Chemistry, Mechanical & Mercurous Nitrate Testing) $300.00

About Us

Wieland Chase is a leading brass manufacturer and supplier for brass alloys in North America. As of July 2019, Wieland Chase became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. More about the Wieland Group

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