Low Lead Brass Rod Alloys


C27450 is a lead-free brass that was created in response to requirements for lead-free brass in the plumbing industry. This requirement for lead-free brass in the plumbing industry was established in 2011 and enacted in 2014. 

This alloy can be substituted for Alloy 377 without compromising the integrity of the finished part. This indicates that a product can be made that delivers similar strength, corrosion resistance, and quality at a cost savings benefit. Typically, the end use is lead-free plumbing products that meet plumbing legislative requirements. C27450 brass profiles come in various shapes, such as, hexagon, round, square, and other shaped brass rods and brass bars.


Application: Machining-Forging
ASTM: B927
Lengths: 10 to 16 feet
Bundle Weights: 1,000 – 4,000 lbs.

C27450 Advantages:

  • Compliant with both S3874 and AB1953
  • Easily recyclable
  • Good machinability
  • Good thread rolling capabilities
Chemistry Composition
Cu Pb P Fe Zn
60.0-65.0% 0.25% max 0.04-0.10% 0.35% Remainder
Application: Machining-Forging
Chemistry Specification: ASTM B927
Lengths: 10 TO 16 Ft
Bundle weights: 1,000 – 4,000 lbs.
Shape Diameter (inch)
Round 0.250″ – 4.50″
Hex / Hex RC 0.250″ – 2.50″
  Square 0.250″ – 2.00″
Shapes Cross section up to 2.50″
Diameter Tolerances +/-
Diameter (inch) Round Hexagonal, Octagonal
>0.250″-0.500″ 0.0015″ 0.0030″
>0.500″-1.000″ 0.0020″ 0.0040″
>1.000″-2.000″ 0.0025″ 0.0050″
>2.000″ 0.15% 0.30%
Minimum Mechanical Properties
Diameter (inch) Tensile Strength (ksi) Yield Strength (ksi) Elongation (%)
>0.250″-0.500″ 53 33 10
>0.500″-1.000″ 48 30 13
>1.000″-2.000″ 43 28 15

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