Scrap recycling

Brass can be recycled indefinitely, therefore, it is very valuable to the scrap industry. Our scrap metal recycling program is vital to producing globally competitive brass products and we welcome our customers’ partnership in understanding the importance of scrap metal recycling. 

Less Expensive

Brass, although abundant, is expensive to mine. It can be, however, recycled with no impact to the molecular structure, it is much more economical to use scrap metal than to mine. As a fabricator and manufacturer in the USA, we pride ourselves in keeping costs down so we can pass the savings onto our customers, while providing the highest quality materials and products to them.

Recycle Source

Our customers are our number one source of recycle materials. Any brass that we sell and is not used in our customers’ products is bought back. Ultimately, our customers only use what they need and we are able to recycle the rest.

  • Scrap can be returned to Wieland Chase in various forms such as bar ends, brass chips, and solids
  • We recycle all casting and extrusion process scrap

Our Recycle Standards

Wieland Chase prides itself on recycling responsibly and producing brass rod that exceeds industry specifications, thus, we have specific parameters to ensure that any and all scrap metal is free of contamination. Every load of brass and brass alloy scrap we receive is thoroughly inspected by our Quality Lab to ensure the highest quality metals are being used in our manufacturing process.

Incoming chip scrap inspection starts with a representative sample taken from the load.  After the as-received weight is measured we use a solvent and alcohol process to dry the chips and get an oil and moisture percentage. This is followed by an examination of the dried chips to remove and weigh all non-brass materials and calculate an impurities percentage. Finally, we perform chemical analysis on an optical emission spectrometer to make sure it meets our residual element specifications.

Scrap Return Basics

Our scrap return customers have an authorized return percentage, which is based on an analysis of specific brass parts produced from Wieland Chase extruded rod products. Wieland Chase utilizes a truck dump system for the efficient processing of customer scrap. After the trailer is detached from the tractor, our hydraulic lift system elevates and unloads the trailer into a hopper where the scrap is collected. It is then transported to a crusher and conveyed to a chip holding area in preparation for drying and melting. Once the scrap metal is fed into our furnaces, the metal is melted to its designated pouring temperature and any required chemistry adjustments are made for casting and extrusion.

Our History and Commitment

Since 1837, Wieland Chase has been the leader in efficient brass rod mills in North America. Our outstanding scrap metal recycling program allows us to provide an American-made product of the highest quality. Our highly engineered brass products meet our customers’ challenging manufacturing requirements in various market segments, including plumbing, electrical, industrial, medical, transportation, and many more. We support our customers by delivering prompt, reliable service and are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in our industry.

About Us

Wieland Chase is a leading brass manufacturer and supplier for brass alloys in North America. As of July 2019, Wieland Chase became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. More about the Wieland Group

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