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Brass round bar stock is used as the raw material for thousands of brass components in the building, machinery, equipment, transportation, and industrial markets. Wieland Chase is the leading brass stock supplier and brass rod manufacturer in the USA. 

Mechanical Uses

Compared to other materials, brass rod is an excellent solution for high-speed drilling, tapping, and milling operations. It is a relatively soft metal and has minimal wear on tools. Brass is corrosion resistant which makes it ideal for use to manufacture parts that will be used in corrosive environments including water treatment, marine and coastal areas, and industrial facilities. 

Brass rod and stock can be cut into smaller pieces for melting or machinability. Brass is suited well for applications where electrical conductivity may be important along with good strength and low corrosion. Often used for decorative purposes, brass has a smooth finish, a gold-like appearance, and a natural antimicrobial characteristic.

Manufacturing Process and Recycling Characteristics

Wieland Chase uses the extrusion process to manufacture the brass rod before shipping it to our customers. The extrusion process is efficient, flexible, and refined. Wieland Chase extrusion process includes over 90% of recycled brass. We use the waste from machined brass rod and other waste streams including stamping trimmings, copper wire, scrap copper pipe, and forging flash. All waste is recycled back to the Wieland Chase manufacturing site. 

Wieland Chase ships millions of feet of rod every year. We can accommodate small or large shipments at the best interval for your processing needs. 

Rod Options

Brass Round Bar Stock from Wieland Chase comes in diameters ranging from .25 to 2 inches and can be as long as 16 feet. They can be shipped individually but is typically shipped in bundles. Bundles are available in 1,000 to 4,000 pounds with the number of brass round bar stock dependent on weight limitations.

Brass Round Bar Stock Alloys

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Wieland Chase is a leading brass manufacturer and supplier for brass alloys in North America. As of July 2019, Wieland Chase became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. More about the Wieland Group

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