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We’re proud to be a leading U.S. manufacturing company of brass rod, brass ingot, brass forgings, and brass parts.

Wieland Chase has been manufacturing and supplying high quality brass rod for more than 100 years. Our foundry located in Northwest Ohio, produces the highest volume of brass for North American consumers.

When you source American manufactured brass, you can be confident of the alloy quality while also supporting the local workforce focused on reshoring brass manufacturing.

Brass Products to Meet Your Manufacturing Specs

The experienced team at Wieland Chase can meet your exact specifications for brass and bronze rod dimensions, brass rod shapes as well as brass alloys to ensure reliable performance for machining as well as the production of brass parts and precision brass components.

Throughout the manufacturing and production process, we carefully monitor the brass content and machinability of each brass alloy to ensure the high quality of our brass rod, ingots, and forgings. Our objective is to manufacture the best quality brass rod by maintaining tolerances to the tightest standards in the industry, allowing us to offer an extensive selection of the highest quality USA brass and bronze products to meet your requirements.

Comprehensive Line of Brass and Bronze and Lead-Free Brass Products

As America’s brass manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to offer the brass products and alloys you need to get the job done right. Our product line includes standard alloys, granular ingots, low-lead brass rod alloy, lead-free brass (silicon-based copper alloys ECO BRASS® and ECO BRONZE® ), and antimicrobial lead-free brass (CuVerro C69300).

Brass Forgings from Innovative Manufacturing

Wieland Forgeworks was launched to provide our customers with high-quality brass forgings made here in the United States. Wieland Forgeworks, a division of Wieland Chase, is an innovative brass forging and machining operation producing forged brass parts, brass components and brass fittings for the U.S. and global marketplace.

Manufacturing brass forgings provides our customers the ability to produce globally competitive, finished machined brass parts. Wieland Forgeworks can support your brass parts machining and assembly operation with easy-to-machine, near-net-shape forged brass components including elbows, tees, straights, and valve bodies (ready to be machined into parts) used in a wide-range of industries. Learn more about Wieland Forgeworks here.

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Wieland Chase is a leading brass manufacturer and supplier for brass alloys in North America. As of July 2019, Wieland Chase became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. More about the Wieland Group

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