Genuine American Made, Engineered Lead Free* ECO BRASS® Supplier for the Plumbing Industry


We have launched a forging division to provide US plumbing customers with high-quality brass forgings made right here in the USA. Wieland Forgeworks are made with ECO BRASS® and provide an excellent lead-free, corrosion-resistant product for your critical plumbing applications. Let us work with your team to develop a domestic solution for your engineered raw forgings or machined finished products including brass fittings.

Bringing forging capability to the US, using our network of machining facilities or your own equipment you can enjoy the security and efficiency of 100% US Made parts.

The Wieland Chase ECO BRASS® products comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 2011 where all lead was to be removed from drinking water distribution systems. The advantages of ECO BRASS® Include: ECO BRASS advantages:

• Lead-free

• Performance in machinability, forgeability and castability rate from 70% to 100% of the best existing alloys

• Not as prone to cracking during machining like other lead substitutes such as bismuth;

• Strength is like stainless steel but with much better machinability

• Resistance to dezincification is as good as bronze

• Stress corrosion cracking resistance is as good as low zinc alloys

• Cost competitive as a foundry alloy compared to bismuth brasses and some traditional silicon brasses

Our engineered parts are made from the following tested and proven lead free brasses:

Brass Alloy 693 ECO BRASS
Brass Alloy 87850 ECO BRASS


Fabricators and finishers looking for higher efficiencies in their manufacturing process stand to benefit in many ways from the use of forged brass from Wieland Forgeworks. A key objective for us was to provide you, not only with great flexibility in your forgings and alloy choices, but to supply you brass shapes that conform to your parts specifications to minimize waste, reduce material investment and eliminate flash. Our brass fittings and bronze fittings are some of the examples of components that create higher efficiencies. Other savings include:

  • Reduced weight using three cores per part
  • Forged microstructure engineering
  • Reduced wear and tear on equipment
  • Savings on energy use and extended tool life

Forged parts finishers depend on their ability to be competitive and with Wieland Chase Forgeworks that opportunity can be realized. Not only will you require less lead-time accessing international supply chains but you’ll also enjoy the added and related benefits that go with reducing your working capital and inventory requirements. We also can assure:

  • Less scrap handling
  • More efficient labor utilization
  • Reduced transportation costs

More information is available with full breakdowns on each Wieland Chase alloy and how they might benefit your operation. Wieland Chase has brass alloy in stock, as we are the leading brass alloy supplier.

Please contact us today for more information

For More Information Email: or call 1-800-537-4291.

For More information on the new law see our blog: Made in America, Protecting Americans – Lead-Free for all Drinking Water.

NOTE:  Chase can recommend qualified machining partners, if you prefer to have a finished part.

Wieland Chase is a brass forgings supplier and distributor, high strength brass manufacturer, brass rod fittings manufacturer, brass alloy supplier, brass rod manufacturer, brass parts supplier, brass machining supplier, bar manufacturer, castings manufacturer, and barstock distributor.

*This product complies with 0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces in accordance with Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) / Federal Public Law No. 111-380.

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