Wieland Chase is leading the way in the supply of forged brass components utilizing Brass in their Wieland Forgeworks product line. Our economic and flexible forging capability allows for additional material savings by utilizing up to three cores per part. This manufacturing capability is backed by Wieland Chase quality rod and 100% USA made.

These capabilities provide fabricators and finishers for higher efficiencies in final machining. A key objective is to supply brass shapes using a process that conforms to the parts specifications needed to minimize waste, reduce material investment and eliminate flash. Sourcing forged parts allows for significant reductions in manufacturing costs as outlined in the Wieland Chase Blog Post: American Made Engineered Parts. 

The North American forging industry declared that there is nothing better for strength and reliability than forged parts. Article Link. The forging process is superior to other available production options because it provides components with higher strength, production efficiency, lower scrap and reduction in defects.

Forging compared to casting provides a stronger solution. Forging compared to welding is more cost effective. Forging compared to machining yields lower scrap. Although each of these processing solutions has a place and purpose, forging tends to maximize all the benefits of metal manipulation in one ideal process. Taking advantage of this process from Wieland Chase through their Wieland Forgeworks product line has the potential of significantly increasing your business profitability.

Not only can forging be used for traditional brass, our new ECO BRASS® and ECO BRONZE® enjoy the same efficiencies, but by utilizing up to three cores per part forging capability, Wieland Chase allows the new standard of lead-free* silicon brass to easily enter the supply chain of parts demanded by the plumbing industry.

Here are some component examples used in HVAC, Plumbing, Gas, Transmission and other industries:

• Pex Elbow
• Push Drop Ear
• Push Straight
• Garden Hose Y
• Push Tee
• Valves

We would be happy to review your component needs and determine the cost-saving associated with forged parts as part of your supply chain.
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*This product complies with 0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces in accordance with Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) / Federal Public Law No. 111-380.

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