As one of the world’s leading brass companies, Chase holds its brass manufacturing tolerances to the tightest standard in the industry when it comes to high quality brass. We use state-of-the-art chemical analysis equipment and detailed testing procedures to insure we’re accepting only the highest quality raw materials to produce globally competitive products.

General Requirements

Over 90% of the brass we melt is pre- and post-consumer material.  Scrap is accepted in various recycled forms such as bar ends, brass chips and solids.  Every load of copper and copper alloy scrap we receive is inspected regardless of the supplier’s past performance. All scrap must be free of radiation, disclosed and undisclosed hazardous materials and other contaminants. Failure to meet our chemical limits, labeling, allowable scrap forms or types, documentation or shipping requirements may result in rejection of the material.

Residual Element Limits

Leaded and low-lead brass turnings free iron and steel impurity levels may not exceed 0.50% of the sample weight as determined by a magnetic separation test. Additionally, free aluminum may not exceed 0.03% as determined by weight. Limits for coppers are alloy specific and listed in our scrap requirements accessible by the link at the bottom of the purchase order.

ECO BRASS® turnings impurity levels for free iron and steel may not exceed 0.20% of the sample weight as determined by a magnetic separation test. Free aluminum may not exceed 0.02% as determined by weight. It is critical that ECO BRASS® scrap is segregated from leaded and low-leaded brass alloy scrap since less than 200 pounds of C36000 leaded brass scrap will result in the rejection of a 40,000-pound load.

Labeling Requirements

All containers of incoming scrap/raw material must be labeled with the following information on a detachable label: Shipper / Supplier Name; Individual container number (ICN), SFC (purchase order number); Alloy designation of scrap/incoming raw material in container; Gross, Tare, and Net Weight of each container; date of shipping; and bar code (unless exemption agreed).  Note that all Chase requirements for raw materials are accessible using the link at the bottom of our purchase order.


Wieland Chase conducts over 50,000 chemical analyses every year in support of controlling composition of our final product. We are committed to these efforts because alloy chemistry is the number one characteristic that controls consistency in machinability and performance.

Chase has brass alloy in stock, as we are the leader in brass rods manufacturers.

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Wieland Chase is a leading brass manufacturer and supplier for brass alloys in North America. As of July 2019, Wieland Chase became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. More about the Wieland Group

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